Criminal Defense

criminal defense

Our office takes pride in ensuring our clients are well informed and able to make sound decisions regarding their criminal matters.  Our criminal defense lawyer, Blaine Beaven, has represented clients in criminal proceedings since 2010.  He has run trials for clients in Saskatchewan at the Provincial Court and Court of Queen’s Bench, and he has done appeals for clients at the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal.

Our office assists clients with:

  • Bail Hearings & Bail Reviews
  • Criminal Code Offences such as:
    • Driving offences
    • Personal injury offences
    • Property offences
    • Weapons offences
  • Controlled Drugs and Substances Act Offences such as:
    • Drug Possession offences
    • Drug Trafficking offences
  • Outstanding warrants for arrest, breaches of release conditions, & failures to appear in court
  • Youth Criminal Justice Act Offences
  • Dangerous Offender Hearings