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Latest News

Saskatchewan’s Incarceration Epidemic

Further to James Scott’s work on sentencing bias, Lindsay Hjorth has authored the following paper:  Saskatchewan’s Incarceration Epidemic – final copy

A Cautionary Tale: R. v. Thorsteinson

In a recent decision, the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal in R. v. Thorsteinson considered whether a person may take back a gift of land into joint...

Estate Planning Tips for Single Parents

Single parents are often busy being parents.  Scheduling work, school activities, sporting events and dealing with things as they come is a big responsibility....

Canadian Surrogates & Foreign Parents

The following CBC article discusses surrogacy in Canada and, specifically, Canadian surrogates acting for foreign parents:  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/surrogate-baby-foreign-parents-1.3734179

Gladue Report Funding

Professor T. Quigley has allowed us to share his recent scholarly paper on how Gladue reports ought to be funded in Canada. We feel...